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Racines - 2018 - Claude & Etienne Courtois

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This cuvee is the last cuvee by Claude Courtois before he completely transferred the management of the domain to his son.

Winemaker: Claude Courtois 

Region: Loire valley, France

Grapes: Field blend but highest percentages of Gamay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Côt.

Alcoholpercentage: 12,5%

Tasting notes: An extremely refined red wine with a lot of structure, complexity and at the same time very fresh. Red and blue forest fruit, slightly earthy and spicy notes

After opening this bottle, give it enough time to fully develop its potential.

Served: 12-14°

Terroir & vinification: Old vines. Long maceration and aging in old wooden barrels (fûts) for 18 months.