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For many years Jan Borms has nourished a true passion ... such a passion that it is sometimes difficult for him to talk about anything else. And today he shares this passion with us, offering a range of wines in which each of us will find something we love. He does not want to be the umpteenth distributor of a number of great castle wines from Bordeaux, but has searched for you a range of delicious and honest wines at fair prices, mainly from France, Italy, Spain & Germany. In his quest he automatically ended up with very passionate winegrowers who, with a lot of love for their profession, guide their wines from the vineyard to the bottle. Let him take you into his wonderful world of scents, colors and flavors.

For professional inquiries, please find his information here below. 

+32 473 11 45 02

Tout Bu

Antwerp importers unite! Kim Matthé sources and sells amazing wines, and we are blessed to present some of his treasures in our shop. Think Moritz Kissinger, Domaine de l'Astré, Páger Pince, .. 

For professional inquiries, please find his information here below.
+32 497 43 55 14

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Roeland Fort 

Roeland has been importing and distributing natural wines since 2010 and is therefore a true Belgian pioneer. He keeps diving deep into the world of natural and is continuously elevating the scene while doing so. Best to take notes when he speaks, with over 12 years of experience, Roeland (& Gaël) still show the new wave how it's done. We are glad to offer over hundred of their favourite bottles, come to the shop to check them out. 

For professional inquiries, please find his information here below. 

+32 479 478458


As a father, daughter & son in law, they share a mutual love for natural wines. Wines with soul, produced with Love on low intervention vineyards. Their passion grew stronger with every bottle they shared, so decided they could no longer keep them to themselves. 

Slowly but steadily they will expand their selection of the finest wines, which they import directly from passionate winemakers.

+32 475 38 41 92

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Trubel natural wines 

New kids on the block making fast moves and adding beautiful domains to their cellar. You can find them as the driving force behind Amber, connected by a shared passion for natural and a quest to provide Antwerp with great wines and energy. 

0032 484 41 99 89